Yes you are right, Woman “The Powerful Gender”. I would say this is absurd to frame them the weaker gender. Should we compare them with a clock which never holds for a second without doing its duty. Her day starts well before the moon could complete its duty. For her the to-do list is so huge and not even one action item goes unmarked before the day ends. Where does she get this level of energy, does she have energy pack ingrained in her when she was born. Sundays or holidays are hard to find in her calendar. How does she wear many hats in a day, A loving daughter taking care of her parents, a lovable wife, a caring mother and a dedicated employee. Everything she does is so precise she never lets the balance go away. Her priorities and wishes takes a back seat still she ensures to achieve great things in life.
The world is still to evolve to give her a better place yet she combats every issues with courage whatever she could do to handle the situation. Not even a single day ends without a violence or abuse towards her when she travels outside or even at home sometimes, physical violence and verbal abuses are not new to her, still she wears a pleasant smile in her face and determined moving her day towards progress. Most of her dreams are caged and she always wishes to unclip her wings and fly as high as possible. Every tear in her eyes has got hundred stories to tell you some disappointments some abuses and some longingness for love and affection. They never demand equality but they deserve the respect since they are the one who gave life and it wouldn’t possible without their sacrifices. Her mental and physical strain is much more than what we could actually imagine. She never shows a strain in her face though she drags all these pressure every day.
She ensures to stretch her horizon every time despite struggles and challenges thrown on her, never ever she feels tired or exhausted, She pushes herself to the reach and complete every herculean task. No doubt she is a wonder woman. Every man who understands her challenges and stands besides her in every phase of life is a real hero.
No doubt she is “The Powerful Gender”, I am proud to be one.

P.C – Google (Gowomanity)

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  1. Absolutely, Women are the powerful gender. Despite the challenges they face everyday they still strive and succeed. Kudos to the article, it is authentic and out from the heart, wish to see more post from you.

  2. Women are not the same as men but they are more stronger, and more blessed . by empowering a girl child our community and generation as a whole gets developed. most importantly in rural village areas. All the best on the blog & nice article.hope it reaches many people as much as it can.

  3. Nice article Aswathi. I am accepting your all points that you mentioned in that Article.Good job keep it up. Way to go👍.

  4. Appreciate your efforts in writing a blog on women’s power . Wish your writing transforms many to understand their potential.

  5. Thank you for being supporting woman,they are the strongest person in the world.keep going and post as many things about woman, stay blessed.

  6. Absolutely, woman are stronger,brave,talent,power,etc….we are proud to be say that..thank you for this lovely message.

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